Each firearm request is reviewed in the order they are received. The Reno Police Department Firearm Review Unit is required to submit certain types of firearms into the Integrated Ballistics Identification System, known as IBIS. There is currently an approximate 6 month backlog on IBIS testing, and this contributes to an increased review time for many firearms. IBIS is not controlled by the Reno Police Department and we do not have the ability to expedite that process. A complete background check of the owner/requestor will also be completed prior to the firearm being released. The time for this depends on many factors to include case dispositions, state database requests, etc.

The Reno Police Department Firearm Review Unit is not able to disclose case details. You will however be told if your case is In-Progress, Not In-Progress, or Denied. If your case is denied, you will receive a certified letter in the mail.

All questions related to firearm review case status can be made by e-mailing your questions to RPDfirearmreviewunit@reno.gov.


Each case will be entered into one of four categories:

  • In-Progress: Firearm returned from IBIS and ETrace, firearm owner background check in-progress.
  • Not In-Progress: Firearm not returned from IBIS and ETrace, case not ready for review.
  • Completed: IBIS and Etrace are completed (if applicable), Firearm history and firearm owner background completed and sent to department lieutenant for final approval.
  • Denied: Under the applicable statutes owner/requestor did not qualify to take possession of the firearm.


The Reno Police Department follows State of Nevada and Federal statute guidelines when conducting background checks. Refer to the Federal Gun Control Act in section 922 (g) or (n) of Title 18, United States Code and Nevada Revised Statute 202.360 for prohibited person outlined categories. The main elements are listed below:

Gun Control Act Prohibited Categories:

922(g) 1- Are Convicted of a Crime Punishable by Imprisonment for a Term Exceeding One year

922(g) 2- Are fugitives From Justice

922(g) 3- Are Unlawful Users of or Addicted to Any Controlled Substance/p>

922(g) 4- Have Been Adjudicated as Mental Defectives or Have Been Committed to a Mental Institution

922(g) 5- Are Aliens and Are Illegally or Unlawfully in the United States

922(g) 6- Have Been Discharged for the Armed Forces under Dishonorable Conditions

922(g) 7- Have Renounced Their U.S. Citizenship

922(g) 8- Are Subject to a Qualifying Protection/Restraining Order

922(g) 9- Have Been convicted in Any Court of a Qualifying Misdemeanor Crime of Domestic Violence

922(n) - Are Under Indictment/Information for a Crime Punishable by Imprisonment for a Term Exceeding One Year

For further information on prohibited person, choose a category below.

Gun Control Act

Firearm Possession Prohibition Federal law (18 U.S.C. § 922[g][1-9]

Ownership of possession of firearm by certain persons prohibited

NRS 202.360

Sale, transfer or disposal of firearm or ammunition to certain persons prohibited; purchase of firearm on behalf of certain persons prohibited.

NRS 202.362

Known Member of a Criminal Gang

NRS 193.168


The firearm return policy is a detailed process that involves firearm history and, in many cases, ballistic testing. Most firearms are sent to the Integrated Ballistics Identification System for testing. The information is entered into the ATF’s National Integrated Ballistic Information Network database. Additionally, firearm information is commonly sent to ETrace. A firearm return request will not be reviewed until the firearm is returned from IBIS and ETrace.


All firearm dispositions require supervisor approval prior to firearm release to owner/requester.


Once your Firearm Release Request Application is received, the RPD Firearms Review Unit will send you a notification via e-mail that we are in receipt of your request.


If the firearm has been taken as evidence in a crime or suspected crime, it will not be returned until the court case has been concluded. If the court case is completed, obtain an evidence release form from the court and attach it to the Citizen’s Property Release Request Form and drop it off at the Reno Police Department (Attention RPD Firearms Review Unit).

Found Firearm

The owner will be given 90 days to prove ownership and claim the firearm per RMC Section 2.06.060. All unclaimed firearms will be destroyed.


Firearms that are being held for safekeeping shall be returned to the legal owner upon request and after a firearm background review is completed. Firearms not requested within 90 days will be disposed of per RMC Section 2.06.060.

Protection Order

If your firearm is being held by the Reno Police Department due to a protection order, your order must be expired and you must file a motion at the District Court requesting the return of the firearm(s). The Court must grant the motion and generate a Court Order for the release of the firearm(s). It is the owner’s responsibility to drop off the court order with a completed Citizen’s Property Release Request Form to the Reno Police Department main station (Attention RPD Firearms Review Unit).

Can Someone Else Pick Up My Firearm?

If you would like someone else to pick up your firearm, we must receive a notarized letter of authorization from you. The person authorized to pick up your firearm will undergo a Federal background check prior to pick-up.

If the firearms owner is deceased, you must have paperwork showing you as the Executor of the Estate, or a Will with a copy of the death certificate. Please include the report number on all paperwork in order for us to help you more efficiently.

I Am A Prohibited Person From Possessing A Firearm, Can I Have My Firearm Returned To Me?

If you are a prohibited person from possessing a firearm, you may not have your firearm returned to you. You may elect to have the firearm destroyed or may be able to transfer the firearm to another person, using a licensed, State of Nevada, gun dealer (owner of the firearm is responsible for all fees associated with the transfer). You must fill out obtain an Affidavit of Abandonment of Firearms Form. To request a form, e-mail RPDfirearmreviewunit@reno.gov.

I Live Outside Of the Reno, Nevada Area. Can I Have My Firearm Be Mailed To Me?

In some circumstances, items can be mailed to a local law enforcement agency or to a licensed gun dealer. The owner/requestor may be required to cover all shipping costs. Please contact the Evidence and Property section at 775-334-2113, or e-mail RPDfirearmreviewunit@reno.gov for further details.