detective badge Mission Statement

Our mission in the Detective Division is to dedicate ourselves to providing complete and thorough investigations while protecting victims' rights.

The primary objective of the Detective Division of the Reno Police Department is to reduce the rate of crime by arresting those responsible for committing crimes in our community. The Division is made up of the following units that each investigate specific areas of crime: Sex Crimes Unit, Robbery/Homicide Unit, Financial/Computer Crimes Unit, Burglary Unit, and the Family Crimes Unit.

Our promise to our community and our victims include:

  • We will treat you with respect, compassion and dignity
  • We will not judge you based on your lifestyle choices, or any substance abuse or mental health issues that you may have
  • We will provide services to encourage, empower and support healing and recovery
  • We will inform you of your rights as a victim and to remain in communication with you during the course of our investigation

Sex Crimes/Child Abuse Unit


The Sex Crimes/Child Abuse Unit investigates sexually based crimes against adults and juveniles, child abuse, neglect and endangerment. Specialized members of the unit are dedicated to providing the utmost in professional investigative services to the victims of these crimes in a sensitive and compassionate manner with respect for the rights of both the victims and those accused. Detectives assigned to the Sex Crimes/Child Abuse Unit are also members of the Washoe County Child Advocacy Center’s multidisciplinary team. By using this team approach when investigating crimes against children, we can minimize additional trauma to the child victim.

Robbery/Homicide Unit


The responsibilities of this unit are to investigate all major crimes against persons to include: robbery, battery and assault with a deadly weapon and with substantial bodily harm, murders, manslaughter (non-traffic-related), questionable deaths, mayhem, kidnapping, and major cold cases. The types of crimes this unit investigates can be traumatic and life altering for the victim and victim's family. The Robbery/Homicide Unit is dedicated to these individuals and investigates each case thoroughly and in a timely manner to help bring closure to the people involved. A main goal of the Robbery/Homicide Unit is to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Reno by arresting and convicting the dangerous felons responsible for these crimes.

Regional Narcotics Unit (RNU)


The Regional Narcotics Unit (RNU) is a regional task force unit of Nevada High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA) teams. RNU is comprised of a number of agencies in the Northern Nevada area to include Reno Police, Washoe County Sheriffs, Sparks Police, UNR Police, DEA, Homeland Security and the National Guard.

The Regional Narcotics Unit is committed to disrupting the flow of illegal narcotics affecting our community. The Regional Narcotics Unit will strive to achieve this mission with integrity, professionalism and free from jurisdictional boundaries, through the highest quality of investigations.

Misdemeanor/Family Crimes Unit


The Misdemeanor/Family Crimes Unit is committed to the aggressive prosecution of misdemeanor crimes committed within the City of Reno. The Unit works to impact public policy, increase public awareness, and develop community-based responses to domestic violence to effect an overall reduction of other criminal behavior. The Misdemeanor/Family Crimes Unit works closely with the department’s victim advocates to provide service and support to victims. The Detectives strive to maintain the family as a unit, while effectively working to break the cycle of family violence.

Missing Persons Unit


Burglary Unit


Financial/Computer Crimes Unit



Introduction: The Reno Police Department is committed to providing the highest quality of Police services to our Community and Citizens. We emphasize community engagement, customer service, and a problem solving and trauma informed ideology. In order to better serve our community the following information has been collected to help guide our victims through the initial aftermath of a criminal event. The Reno Police Department provides this information for guidance only and claims no affiliation with any included service or business therein.


Identity Theft

Domestic Violence
Crimes Against Persons (Robbery, ADW, BDW)
Crimes Against Property (Larceny, Destruction of Property)
Missing Persons and Runaway Juveniles