Volunteer Program

Senior Auxiliary Volunteer Effort (SAVE)


volunteer in S.A.V.E. patrol car

SAVE members are committed to sixteen hours of service per month, normally consisting of one four-hour patrol each week. Morning and afternoon patrol shifts are 7:00 am to 11:00 am and 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm, Monday - Friday. Each two-member team is assigned a section of the City for their shift. At the start of a shift, the officers pick up their equipment (official car, radio, digital camera), and the assignments they are handling during their shift (graffiti complaints, abandoned vehicle complaints, etc.). The team then plans their duties for the day, such as checking graffiti, citing abandoned vehicles, speed monitoring, and visiting malls or other business locations to conduct handicapped-parking enforcement.

SAVE teams also patrol parks, schools, business districts, residential areas, and downtown. Patrol duty consists of observing and reporting to RPD any unusual or suspicious activities, and to remain highly visible in order to deter criminal activity and provide a sense of security for Reno's citizens and visitors. SAVE members are also available to assist sworn officers, for example, at traffic accident scenes, and to help search for missing children.

Some Specific Accomplishments:

  • Two young girls rescued from a potential molester in Idlewild Park.
  • Spanish-speaking SAVE members translate for police officers.
  • A SAVE unit observed and followed a person who had stolen personal property until uniformed officers arrived to make an arrest.
  • SAVE teams have reunited lost children with their parents.
  • SAVE recovers approximately one stolen car every week.

City Hall Security Desk

City Hall Security Desk

SAVE Officers have the option to also volunteer at the City Hall Security Desk. SAVE Officers greet City Hall visitors answering questions about where to find offices for city services and issuing temporary visitor badges. Morning and afternoon shifts are available Monday - Friday.

Citing Handicapped-Parking Violators

Volunteer writing ticket

SAVE members are empowered by the City of Reno and RPD to issue citations when vehicles parked in handicapped parking spaces do not properly display a handicapped parking permit or a handicapped license plate. An important part of daily patrols is to check public malls and other locations to identify handicapped parking violators. In addition to ticketing illegally-parked vehicles, SAVE members notify businesses of signs that do not comply with current ADA standards. A first-time handicapped parking violation carries a fine of $250.

Speed Monitoring Program

Volunteer writing ticket

Trained SAVE members are assigned to specific city locations, such as neighborhoods and school zones, as a result of citizen complaints received by the Traffic Division regarding vehicles exceeding the posted speed limit. SAVE members then utilize a radar unit to monitor the speed of vehicles at the target location. The Traffic Division initiates a special enforcement plan if the speed monitoring program justifies such a response for a specific location.

Abandoned Vehicles

Abandoned Vehicles

Citizens who spot an apparently abandoned vehicle on public property, such as public streets and alleys, can call Reno Direct at 334-INFO to request that the vehicle be removed. Indications that a vehicle may be abandoned include:

  • Obvious evidence of wreckage
  • Broken windows, missing tires, etc. or other signs of vandalism
  • Expired or missing license plates
  • Cobwebs, dirt, leaves, etc., in and around the vehicle

When a citizen reports an abandoned vehicle, SAVE assists the Reno Police Department's Parking Enforcement Officers (PEO’s) by responding to the location and posting a parking notice on the vehicle. The parking notice warns the owner that the vehicle will be towed if it is not moved within 48 hours. The PEO’s follow up after 48 hours and, if the vehicle has not been moved, they notify a towing service to tow it away.

Vacation Home Watch

Vacation Home Wach

Reno residents who plan to be gone from their homes for a period not exceeding thirty days can request a house check by calling Reno Direct at 334-INFO. House checks are performed by SAVE teams for the following:

  • Obvious signs of trouble, e.g., a strange car parked in the driveway or near the house
  • Anything unusual or suspicious
  • Newspapers, flyers, and visible mail, which they retrieve and store in a concealed location, or give to a neighbor to hold
  • Footprints, signs of disturbance or forcible entry
  • Doors or windows left unlocked
  • If there are signs of a break-in, they notify RPD dispatch and wait for a police officer to arrive

Special Events

Volunteers at street vibrations

SAVE is frequently called upon to perform special duties for RPD, such as:

  • Assisting officers with traffic control at accident scenes
  • Assisting with conducting telephone surveys of community residents to determine satisfaction with and performance levels of RPD
  • Distributing police flyers
  • Assisting in various ways during special events such as Hot August Nights and Street Vibrations"
  • Distributing food baskets during holiday seasons